Lolz Game

Our Return & Refund Policy

If we messed up, it's on us. If you messed up, it's on you.
Details below:

When we mess up

  • Game delivery date has been pushed back
    COMMON SENSE: If your ship date has been pushed back by more than a couple of days, and you want a refund, we'll refund your full purchase price. If your ship date is delayed by a day or two, please try not to stress too much, it's just a game.
  • My game arrived but something is missing.
    COMMON SENSE: Shipping folks must have missed an item. Poo happens. Go to this link and let us know what's missing so we can check our records and ship you the missing item(s) on our dime.
  • My game was shipped to the wrong address and is being returned to sender.
    COMMON SENSE: Contact us and we'll double check that the address it was shipped to matches what you sent us. If we put a wrong address on the package, we'll ship a replacement game on our dime. If you entered a wrong address and did not correct it, there is a $12 charge to re-ship the package.

When courier messes up

  • My game was not delivered on time
    IT SUCKS: But you have to understand that once the game is out of our hands and with a shipping company, there is little we can do. If we shipped the game with enough time to get it to you based on quoted shipping times, please don't blame us if the package is delayed. Channel your frustration at the shipping company if you must, or better yet, take a deep breath. It's just a game.
  • My game arrived, but something is broken.
    COMMON SENSE: Sometimes things break in transit. It's unfortunate. Go to this link and let us know what's broken so we can send you the broken item(s) on our dime. We may ask for a photo of damaged items so that we can create a case. We'll deal with the shipping company about recovering the costs of the damaged package.
  • Tracking says "Delivered" but I don't have my Game.
    COMMON SENSE: Sometimes couriers put items in wrong mail boxes. Sometimes packages are stolen. If we shipped the game and it was sent to the right address, we did our part. Please contact the shipping company - they may be able to locate the package, which is often the case. Or check with your neighbours. If you can't find it, let us know and we can ship you another game. You'll have to pay for it, but we'll discount it for you based on the circumstances.

When you mess up

  • My kid ordered the game while using my phone.
    SORRY: Of course it can happen... but while we try to be as understanding and fair, we also expect you to be responsible and make sure no one has access to your personal devices, let alone purchase something while using it. This is not something we can prevent so we won't be able to take full responsibility on this one.
  • I didn't think my order would be placed.
    SORRY: We designed our website to be very clear so this never happens. And this almost never does so if you paid by Credit Card, you entered your particulars and clicked the "Place Order" button. If you paid by PayPal, you chose your items > were shown the total > clicked on the option to pay with PayPal > were shown the total again > entered you particulars > and clicked "Continue", which completed the order. While we understand that "Continue" is not the same as "Finish Order", we don't have control over PayPal button text. In either case, let's be fair... that's a lot of steps to go through if you didn't want to place the order so we can't really take responsibility for that.
  • I played the game and didn't think it was funny.
    SORRY: That's definitely unexpected - we are sorry to hear that! Pretty much everyone who buys the game, watched at least one of the videos before buying it, and there really isn't another avenue for us to showcase it anyways. Those who find the videos funny, and want to play, order the game. Of course you can play it wrong. If you don't use the Mouthie properly, and bend it too much in the process, some phrases will be very easy to understand. Just as importantly, the phrases don't have to be all that funny... people who try to say them make it so. Unless you played it wrong, there is almost no way you will find it 'not funny'. And for the these reasons, we can't logically take responsibility for this issue - we delivered exactly what we promised & advertised.
  • I didn't think shipping would take this long.
    SORRY: Anyone can have "I missed my coffee" day... but think about it from our perspective: we are upfront about estimated shipping dates and communicate it at every step of the process. We provide an estimated shipping date on the checkout page, on the order confirmation page, and in the confirmation email. If you didn't pay attention, and assumed your game would ship immediately, that's just not something we can be held accountable for.
  • I found a cheaper game somewhere else.
    SORRY: While we truly believe that our game is better, and made in a more responsible way (high quality, toxin free materials only), you could have found a cheaper knock-off that seems far more appealing (probably with the generic clear plastic mouth piece, not worthy of being called a Mouthie). But we never promised the cheapest game nor do we offer a price match. We charge a very fair price for the kind of product (not to mention the service & support) you are getting.

Refund & Return Policy When You Mess Up

  • If the game has not shipped you can get a refund less $2 transaction fee.
    REASON: Unfortunately processing credit card transactions costs money. Refunding them costs money too. Unless explicitly prohibited by law, we will refund your transaction less a $2 transaction fee. We reserve the right to waive the fee at our sole discretion depending on circumstances.
  • If the game shipped and has not been opened you can get a refund; just ship the game back to us. Please know that we'll have to charge a $10 restocking fee.
    REASON: Part of the restocking fee are transaction costs (see above). The other part are the labor costs involved in accepting your return and putting it back into inventory. The refund will be issued only after we receive the game back. You might not believe us, but this is the least favorite part of our job so the charge is by no means enriching us - it simply pays our hard working employees for the extra work that goes into making this whole process a reality.
    RETURN ADDRESS: LOLZ GAME c/o SB Warehousing, 5107 W Idlewild Ave, Ste B, Tampa, FL 33634
  • If you opened and played the game unfortunately we cannot take the game back and give you a refund.
    REASON: Playing cards and Mouthies are wrapped. Mouthies, once opened, cannot be repackaged and re-sold for sanitary reasons. We have no way of knowing whether or not you placed them in your mouth and we cannot take the risk of selling them to anyone else if you were to return them. Stores don't take back worn underwear and we don't take back opened Mouthies.